17th Oct 2014

Sasha Arutyunova

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15th Oct 2014

Sarah Bernhard

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6th Oct 2014

Andrew Querner - Watershed

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30th Aug 2014

Jon Tonks - Tristan Da Cunha


27th Aug 2014

A few shots I managed to grab during a recent trip to the Priest Lake area of Idaho.

Elias Carlson

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9th Jul 2014

Ricky Rhodes - Funwall

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24th Jun 2014

John Lusk Hathaway

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20th Jun 2014

Ramon Haindl

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19th Jun 2014

Lindsay D’Addato - Mystery, Magic, Mother

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1st May 2014


I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you all. Volume 3 of Another Escape, featuring my photography, and a bit of my writing about Kiliii Yu of Seawolf Kayak and Native Lifeways Center (http://www.seawolfkayak.com/) is open for pre-orders!

I got to spend an evening with Kiliii paddling around the Puget Sound in one of his handmade skin-on-frame cedar kayaks (which has ruined me for all other kayaks) and nearly a full day shooting him as he salvaged cedar driftwood which he uses to make paddles and pieces of the kayak.

Kiliii Yu is a multifaceted guy with a unique story; he’s a kayaker, a boat designer, a climber, a professional adventure photographer, a guide for wilderness survival, a trained classical violinist, and amidst all this he runs his own kayak building business.

A quote from the article:

"Watching Kiliii work was fascinating. He moved around the beach with purpose and focus, quickly identifying potentially workable pieces of driftwood. His skill and experience were clear to see. It seemed to me that in everything he did there was very little wasted motion. His eyes and hands are well practiced, quick to find the seams and angles in the wood. He effortlessly switched from tool to tool as a new paddle emerged from the rough hunk of driftwood."

My work is featured on the Limited Edition cover of the magazine. There are only 300 available, so I’d highly recommend ordering one now if you’re interested.

See more of Volume 3 & order a copy here: http://anotherescape.com/volumes/volume-3/