16th Jul 2013

Nich Hance McElroy - How to be alone

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12th Jul 2013

Tommy Keith is putting out some stellar work. Keep up with him here: Flickr | Tumblr

11th Jul 2013
Days like today are why I love being a designer.

Days like today are why I love being a designer.

10th Jul 2013

Keri Medig - 1000 Words for Snow

9th Jul 2013

Mark Peter Drolet not only runs one of the best photography tumblrs around, he’s also a mean hand with a camera. Follow him, admire his work, or both.

8th Jul 2013
"Maybe it’s time to stop all the hand wringing now, and to go back to making pictures, and to exploring what the medium of photography has to offer. We’re all photographers now. Fine. Whatever. Plus, we’re really not. Now might be a good time to stop pretending that we are all the same kinds of photographer, realizing that making distinctions does not mean that one is better or more valuable or more desirable than the other."
Source: Words of wisdom from JM Colberg’s article, "Photography’s Existential Dread"
3rd Jul 2013

Iveta Vaivode - from her series Somewhere On Disappearing Path

I discovered Iveta’s work today via Bryan Schutmaat’s tumblr (a must follow if you love photography). Aside from her brilliant work, I resonated deeply with this statement about her work:

"I felt that photographs, although connected with a certain historical past, worked better as triggers of my own imagination, rather than giving me a specific knowledge of anything else. The ambivalence of the medium of photography, its possibilities and its limitations suggest we should mistrust photography as a record of our lives and histories. Yet there are numerous photographic works that deal with the concept of memory, in which artists become poets rather than historians."

17th Jun 2013

Some excellent Yosemite photography from Cody Smith

15th Jun 2013
10th Jun 2013